"Heavy Sand"
Directed by Anton Barshchevski.
Decorating with snow, falling snow.


"Hope as evidence of life"
Decorating with snow, falling snow.


"Taras Bulba"
Directed by Vladimir Bortko.
Taras farm. Decorating with snow, falling snow. Snow drift.
Khotyn. Decorating with snow. Fortress. Falling snow. Freezing.
Kamenets Podolskiy. Polish winter. Decorating with snow.


"The Inhabited Island"
Directed by Fedor Bondarchuk.
Water laboratory (water effects, water door).
Frost laboratory (Freezing, evaporation, icing, decorating people with snow, roof breach, falling snow).
Ice sarcophagus, decorating with snow, freezing of actors.


"Terra Nova"
Directed by Alexander Melnik.
Rain. Water effects. Wind.


Directed by Ilya Khryzhanovskiy.
Kharkov. Summer heat conditions. Dust. Wind. Flying sand. Spider web.
Roof leakage. Smoke. Rain.


Directed by Vera Yakovenko.
Wind. Shower.


"Stranger: Road action"
Directed by Anton Bormatov (based on a book of the same title by Vladimir “Adolfych” Nesterenko).
Rain, wind.


Directed by Igor Voloshyn.
Rain. Khersones. People turning into statues, petrification, decorating with snow.


"L'affaire Farewell"
Directed by Christian Carion (starring E. Kusturitsa).
Rain, wind, drops on the glass.


"Hearts of Four"
Directed by Stanislav Govorukhin.
Decorating with snow, drifting snow, wind.


"Hitler Kaput"
Directed by Marius Waisberg.
Ice hole, synthetic ice, snowman, decorating with snow, falling snow.


"Ao, The Last Neanderthal"
Directed by Jacques Malaterre.
Two part popular-science film about Neanderthal. Neanderthal makes his way from snow-covered Siberia to the south.
Decorating with snow, freezing of people, snow-covered cave, hole in the snow wall, snow on the plateau of Ai-Petri, stormy wind, blizzard, mist.


"I Won’t Tell"
Directed by Igor Kopylov.
Basement atmosphere: flecks on walls, leaky pipes, roof leakage, spider web, mould.
Weather atmospheric shots:Rain. Wind. Snow. Drifting snow.
Moon party conditions: Mist, drifting snow, snowballs, ice sculptures, ice tabletop, ice dishware, berries and flowers frozen in ice.


Nicholai Baskov
Directed by Vladimir Nickolaets.
Wind, drifting snow.


"Mademoiselle Zhivago"
Musical film of Igor Krutoy and Lara Fabian.
Directed by Alan Badoev.


"Refugees", short story
Directed by Alan Badoev.
Lvov. Drops on windows. Wind.


"Winter Posy", short story
Directed by Alan Badoev.
Lvov. Decorating with snow, falling snow.
Kiev. Decorating with snow, falling snow.
Roof leakage. Steam. Dampness. Foam.


Directed by Alan Badoev.
Water explosion, water evaporation, water boiling in bath.
Mist. Steam. Heavy smoke. Drifting ash. Wind. Water effects.


"Anna Karenina"
Directed by Alan Badoev.
Ice rink. Decorating with snow. Drifting snow.
Ice hole. Rain. Drifting poplar fluff. Drifting leaves.
Hurricane wind.


Directed by Alan Badoev.
Drops. Rain. Wind. Mist. Dust.


"Cradle Song"
Directed by Alan Badoev.
Freezing. Wind. Drifting snow. Decorating with snow.
Ice lead. Ice. Spring.


Directed by Oleg Pogodin.


"Land of Oblivion"
Directed by Mikhail Boganim.
Drifting snow, wind

"Rzhevskiy against Napoleon"
Directed by Marius Waisberg.
Blizzard. Wind. Decorating with snow. Ice.


"Elevator to the Gallows"
Directed by Stanislav Govorukhin.
Rain. Wind.


"Anna German"
Directed by Valdemar Kshistek, Artem Antonov.
Decorating with artificial snow, freezing, drifting snow, wind, mist.


"Brothers. The Final Confession."
Directed by Viktoria Trofimenko.
Mist, steam, smokes, evaporation. Rain. Snow. Frost on glass.


"New Year Flight"
Directed by Sergey Tchekalov.
Decorating with artificial snow. Smoke, evaporation.


Directed by Andrey Dzhunkovskiy.
Sand storm. Dust. Hurricane wind.


"Long Way to Heaven"
Directed by Yuriy Pavlov.
Decorating with snow.


"The Way"
Directed by Max Ksenda.


"Ivan Poddubniy"
Directed by Gleb Orlov.
Rain. Wind.


"Kobza Players"
Directed by Oles’ Sanin.
Mist. Smoke. Snow.